City Council – Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Agenda for the most current Meeting and Approved Minutes are available, If you would like to view previous meetings please contact City Hall 322-5313 and the Clerk can make them available to you.

Meeting Minutes from 2022 – approved by Council to date

DescriptionDate Link to Document
January 2022 minutes01/03/22
January 2022 minutes01/18/22
February 2022 minutes02/07/22
February 2022 minutes02/22/22
March 2022 minutes03/07/22
March 2022 minutes03/21/22
April 2022 minutes04/04/22
April 2022 minutes04/18/22
May 2022 minutes05/02/22
May 2022 minutes05/16/22
June 2022 minutes06/06/22
June 2022 minutes06/20/22
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Most Current Agenda June 6 , 2022