Animal Control

City of Columbus – License Law

6.08.010 – Licensing.

A.  It is unlawful for any person to own, keep, harbor, or have custody of any dog or cat over the age of five months within the City of Columbus without obtaining a license as herein provided; provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to a nonresident keeping a dog or cat within the town limits for a period not in excess of thirty (30) days.

B.  A written application for a license which shall include the name, street and post office box address of the applicant, description of the dog or cat, current rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian or anti-rabies clinic, and if applicable, sterilization certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian or sterilization clinic, shall be submitted to the city clerk.

C.  Payment of the following fees must accompany the license application:

Unneutered male dog …..$25.00

Unspayed female dog …..25.00

Neutered male dog …..10.00

Spayed female dog …..10.00

Unneutered male cat …..25.00

Unspayed female cat …..25.00

Neutered male cat …..10.00

Spayed female cat …..10.00

D.  Upon acceptance of the licensing application and fee, the clerk shall issue a durable tag stamped with an identification number and the issuing year. Tags must be made to fasten to a collar or harness.

E.  All dogs or cats must wear identification tags on collars or harnesses at all times when off the premises of the owner.

F.  The clerk shall maintain a record of the identifying numbers of all tags issued and shall make this record available to the public at all times.

G.  The licensing period shall begin January 1st, and end December 31st each year.

H.  If not revoked, a license issued hereunder shall be effective from January 1st to December 31st of the current licensing year. Every person acquiring a dog or cat after July 1st of any licensing year can receive a license for the remainder of the licensing period for one-half of the stated fee.

I.  A license recipient who has paid the full amount of the stated fee for an unsterilized dog or cat can obtain a refund of fifteen dollars ($15.00) by delivering to the city clerk a certificate of sterilization for the dog or cat from a licensed veterinarian or sterilization clinic within ninety (90) days after the date of purchase of the license for that licensing year.

J.  Any person failing to obtain a license by January 31st or within thirty (30) days of the date that the dog or cat is acquired or reaches the age of five months shall be deemed delinquent and a delinquency fee of two dollars and fifty cents per month shall be assessed in addition to the applicable license fee.

K.  A duplicate license may be obtained upon payment of a two dollar replacement fee.

L.  No person may use any license for any animal other than the dog or cat for which it was issued.

M.  Upon change of ownership of a licensed dog or cat, the new owner must apply for a new license.

N.  It shall be the duty of the city clerk to report to the city council all monies collected for licensing fees.